The Koreatown Oddity - Yesterday's News

My latest visual demonstration, this time with one of my favorite emcees in L.A., The Koreatown Oddity is one of my most simplest yet most complex projects yet. The true complexity came via me having to pull my own focus while my PA pulled me away from the subjects on my dolly.I shot this with my basic setup of the OG Canon 7D and the Canon T2i.KTO and I spent a few weeks location scouting for a wall with texture AND character to set as the backdrop for his message of making the most of the present while we still have breath and potential to positively impact the world as we are not guaranteed remembrance or celebration tomorrow .

Director: Protius / AD: Eagle Nebula / Key PA: Vernon Porter / PA: Jayson Gwinn / Track produced by Vex Ruffin 


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