Unofficial spokesman for the Canon T2i/550D since the big boys don't wanna speak on it!!!
Coming from a root in Audio Engineering and sound design and exploration of film photography, I soon felt the need to shoot short video clips so that I can musically score them, as well as create sound design.
This move soon set into motion the passionate cultivation of a dormant cinematic eye that I knew slightly existed.
I started shooting music videos with the now legendary Canon HV20, and now shoot with the Canon T2i/550D.
I am glad and proud to be part of the HD-DSLR revolution currently occurring in filmmaking, it offers a financially democratic entry into an art form that until recently have been mostly reserved for those with big budget camera rigs. I am still new at this and growing rapidly in knowledge, experience, and skill at what I do.
You will find here on my blog the day to day events of my passion for the crafts of Producing, Cinematography, Directing, Editing, Color Correction, and Sound may even come across a snapshot of a plate of sushi I'm eating when I'm away from this darn computer. 

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