Eagle Nebula-"Nebulizer" Official Music Video

Official Music Video for "Nebulizer" off the Space Goddess EP. Shot and edited by Protius. Download the song and read the lyrics at www.eaglenebula.bandcamp.com  available on all digital platforms and on cassette 4/20/15.Shot with the Canon 7D and Canon T2i/550D, Edited/Graded with Adobe Premiere/After effects CC in Dynamic Link. I burned a stick of RAM editing this project and changed between 3 different workstations to complete it on an HP Z420 with a Hex Core Xeon Processor, 24 GB RAM, and an Nvidia Quadro K2000. This was called for, for the use of a few complex plugins being used in multiple instances Layers of the same shot, within the same shot. Yes, you can even do more complex sci fi, in this case, Ghetto Sci fi, with Canon DSLR's that are a bit dated now, such as thee 7D and T2i. I am exploring the 4K space now and hopefully be incorporating 4K into my workflow.


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