On remixing Nebulizer

I consider the music video for Nebulizer by Eagle Nebula my most Ghetto SciFi collaborative effort yet. My wife and long time creative partner Eagle Nebula and I sought to push the limits of Ghetto SciFi aesthetic demonstration in filming a music video for Nebulizer, from off of her Space Goddess album.One of my personal interests was to continue to grow a visual aesthetic that is influenced by the seasoned and growing Los Angeles beat scene. What I mean is, one that visually demonstrates the post modern Hip Hop, glitch appreciative, futurist,  sonic pathways that the masses are becoming more familiar with in recent months  via Kendrick Lamar's, To Pimp a Butterfly. While the list of production contributors is hearty, there are other producers that are doing their part advance the "sound" such as P.U.D.G.E. Hailing from Queens NYC, but, living a few years in L.A., P.U.D.G.E  built a sound that drew the attention of Eagle Nebula. Together, they crafted a sonically epic project in Space Goddess. Neb's and I wanted to be equally epic visually. We made use of green screen to a step beyond with FX than we'd ever gone before in any of our visual endeavors where I have filmed her.  I filmed on the canon 7D and T2i. In post I made use some pretty processor intensive plugins on multiple layers to get the interdimensional, cosmogonical, space/time travel look  that we wanted. I edited on Adobe Premiere CC and After Effects CC in Dynamic Link on an HP Z420 with a Hex core Intel Xeon E5-1650 v.2 @3.50 GHZ, 24GB of ECC ram, and an Nvidia Quadro K2000. I needed a beast workstation like this because I actually started post on 2 other different workstations where I burnt out the RAM on one. With P.U.D.G.E. releasing a remix to Nebulizer that was twice as epic as the original, I was inspired to chop and screw our original video to include new, narrative footage of Eagle Nebula making contact with Earth plane and having to maintain her cosmic crown while she roams the lower vibration of the Earth plane. This additional footage was shot about a year ago, in 4K DCI on the OnePlus One Smartphone (with Cinema FV-5 app). The video from this smartphone is mind blowing and I wanted to see if I could use it for real in my workflow. You be the judge, but I think you'll agree that this device and others like the iPhone 6s Plus are ready for prime time  as supporting cameras....heck maybe even your "A" camera? 


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