Shooting a Scholastic Books PSA on the Canon T2i:

This is something that the crew over at LoveBomb Films wanted to do for the last few months since using the Canon T2i for freelance ENG gigs, music videos and EPK's. We wanted put the T2i to the test in a non-entertainment corporate environment. Well the opportunity swooped down seemingly out of nowhere(via a former colleague from our client BET's CENTRIC TV) looking me up to produce a package consisting of 3 PSA's.
Scholastic invited me to one of their partner sites in Danbury CT for the location of the majority of this project.
This project had several things in our favor, such as, the main location being a public library with the brightest, flattest light I could ask for in this situation for the final look I had planned to create in post. My fast lenses lent to the rest of what I needed to put this together.
not bad for the T2i huh? looks as good as some things i see on broadcast television lately.
What do you think...please feel free to leave a comment here or on Vimeo.


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